What are the benefits of green energy?

Green energy is energy drawn from energy sources which have no impact on your health, which do not pollute the environment and which do not represent a burden on it. Therefore green energy is very important for the future technology. It is important for the children of human being.

  • You only invest once and then you get free energy,
  • You no longer depend on fossil fuel sources and the variability of their prices,
  • You contribute to healthier air (if you do not burn wood).

The Brussels region resolutely goes through green energy

More and more solar panels are appearing on roofs, which provide electricity for homes, schools and businesses, and the water in the shower of an increasing number of neighbors is heated by the sun with a heater.

Solar panels and solar water heaters are indeed very interesting in the Europe region: Sun energy is very enough here in this location to produce green energy and this region is very available to keep free energy forever.

Heat pumps and cogeneration are also two promising technologies for providing the necessary heating and air conditioning in our office buildings, hospitals and hotels.

On the other hand, biomass and hydroelectricity are two sources of energy which are not very suitable for the Brussels Region. For hydraulic power, our rivers do not offer the necessary currents and sufficient level differences. Biomass, in which organic matter of animal or vegetable origin, such as wood, is burned or transformed into energy, poses many problems in terms of air quality due to the emission of harmful pollutants therein.

Invest in green energy yourself

If you have a little space on your roof, you can generate green electricity or heat yourself. Use the solar map to calculate your energy production potential.

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