The heat loss in the buildings is very high during the day. Energy experts who drawing attention to this situation, explained the measures to be taken to save energy in home. Here are the golden rules that will save energy:

Energy conservation tips

1- Talk with your family about energy efficiency and energy saving

Get a habit of saving focused: All individuals in the family must be conscious to save money at home. With the new habits you will acquire in your daily life as a family, you can save on energy consumption. Keeping the shower time short, turning off unnecessarily open lights, turning off unused electronic devices are actually some of the first simple measures to take.

2- Always insulation

It is essential to insulate the house in order to warm in winter and cool in summer. Insulation is very important to make energy efficiency. So you can save 50 percent. What are the methods for energy efficiency at home? Energy conservation ways.

3- Turn off the radiator you are not using

You can put the radiator in a room that you do not use in your home passive. In this way, you can get more heat from other radiators you use and you can heat your room.

4- Prefer class A smart white goods

If you intend to change your white goods, your choice should definitely be from the next generation of smart white goods.

5- Store sunlight inside the house on sunny days

Try to make maximum use of the natural energy source, the sun. You can raise the indoor temperature during the day by keeping the curtains open on sunny days.

6- Install solar panels to your roof

By installing a solar panel onto your roof you can heat your water and obtain free electricity from sun. You can also heat your whole rooms with this energy. Solar energy is always the best for a permanent energy efficiency. You will only pay for one time and you will use it for 20 years for free.

7- Track energy with smart meters

Irregularities in electricity or the use of illegal electricity are the most negative effects on invoices. To prevent energy losses in electricity, you can follow the energy used with smart meters that you will install in your home. Thus, you can easily control the changes experienced. What are the ways to provide energy conservation at home? Energy efficiency tips for 2020 year

8- Do not let the heat escape from the windows and the door

You should check your windows along with the insulation on the building walls. Make sure that the windows in your home are insulated. Also, make sure that the windows are closed well to prevent air intake from the windows. Using window and door tape will also make a difference in the invoice.

9- Unplug electronic devices

Even if many electronic devices such as televisions and computers are turned off, they continue to consume electricity if they are in the socket. Therefore you should unplug them.

10- Be careful about curtains

Long and thick curtains keep the temperature. The heater radiator you have should not be covered with a curtain. Choose short curtains.

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