Finland aims to set up wind farms by renting more state land to increase wind energy.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin aims to offer more state land for construction to spread wind power generation. These areas are controlled by Metsähallitus, a state-owned company that manages over 12 million hectares of state land and water.

In the next few years, it is planned to prepare enough land to build Metsähallitus, a wind farm capable of generating power equivalent to a medium-sized nuclear power plant. However, the ownership of the land will remain in the hands of the state.

At the end of this year, approximately 100 wind turbines will be built on state property.

The government will not give up its climate targets despite the economic downturn!
Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s cabinet adopted a new policy in the use of state lands in parallel with the climate target for a carbonless Finland by 2035.

It is stated that the reforms are important both for increasing renewable energy and for the economies of the region. As a result, it is noted that local municipalities will generate more tax revenues.

Environment Minister Krista Mikkonen says that Metsähallitus has a strong influence on the state property management’s climate policy. The government will not abandon its climate targets despite the expected economic decline due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Wind energy investments in government land will increase to about one billion euros by the end of this year, including current capacity and new initiatives terminated.

The new projects, which will be planned to attract domestic and foreign companies, will be leased on land owned by the state. New wind farms are planned to be built in Lapland, Ostrobothnia and Kainuu in Finland.

Another important change is that wind power plants will be installed in marine areas. Installing wind turbines in the sea areas of Finland will provide more efficiency and in this case up to 50 percent more energy will be produced compared to land based power plants.
The construction of wind farms installed in sea areas is difficult due to icy conditions. Currently, Finland is heavily dependent on Russia in energy. Last year, 64 percent of energy imports were met from Russia.

The government is also planning new tax cuts for marine wind power.

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