According to a report, the US solar plants will increase by a third this year, as the increase in the demand of public services for carbon-free energy outweighs the dramatic drop in solar rooftop orders due to the global outbreak of homes and businesses.

According to the report of the US Solar Energy Industries Association and the Wood Mackenzie firm, which conducts research on energy issues, the solar industry will build 18 GW electricity generating plants this year to power more than 3 million homes. This is 9% less than the group’s forecast before the outbreak led to construction delays, weakening consumer demand, and making access to finance difficult.

However, the report states that with the new capacity installation * corresponding to 14.4 jigavas, the large-scale solar industry was on track to break records in 2020. The state’s renewable energy targets and the low cost of solar energy support the strong demand in the industry.

However, the risks to the sector’s growth in the medium and long term are;

Increasing capital costs due to weak markets,
financially distressed commercial and
Includes the decline in the demand of industrial customers and delays in public procurement plans.

Due to mandatory home-stay practices …
** The Association of Solar Energy Industries referred to the “considerable uncertainty” caused by the global epidemic, and reduced the solar installation setup for the next five-year period to 113 jogs, reducing its appearance by about 3%.

Solar energy was ahead of natural gas and wind energy in the first quarter, making up 40% of the US’s new capacity additions.

The smaller market for residential and commercial businesses has been strongly affected by the global outbreak due to forced home-stay practices that have slowed new construction and sales.

In the report, the installation of solar energy systems in homes

This year’s 25% decline
In the next year, it has recovered by 26%.
it is expected to be expected.

It will take several years for the industry to reach the projected installation levels before the epidemic.

The report adds that the sector’s subsections, which include roof systems for businesses, will drop by 38% this year.

  • Large scale solar energy industry:
    It refers to generation units that have high electricity generation capacity to feed the national electricity generation network through solar panel farms or solar panel parks.

** Association of Solar Energy Industries:
Solar Energy Industries Association-SEIA is the professional association of the solar industry in the USA and was founded in 1974. The Union’s head office is in the federal capital Washington.

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