The expression Green Energy refers to the types of energy produced in a more environmentally friendly manner. Depending on the production of energy, it is possible to use green energy at different costs. Energy definition is decisive in this definition. When compared to conventional forms of energy production such as coal and natural gas, green energy production emits much less carbon. In addition, species that do not emit any carbon are called green energy or renewable energy.

Currently, the some of countries in the Europe region buy most of its gas and electricity abroad, but in the near future, fossil energy becoming increasingly scarce, will also be expected to become more and more expensive.

In addition, fossil fuel is a major contributor to climate change. The Brussels-Capital Region has set itself the goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 30% compared to 1990 by 2025 and doubling the production of renewable energy compared to 2013 by 2020. It It is therefore urgent that we produce our electricity, our heat, our cooling and our hot water otherwise.

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